A Glimpse Michael Capponi’s Day

It is little surprise that one of the most successful entrepreneurs in South Florida has a workday that gets many people tired just listening to the details. Building luxury residences involves a lot of hard work and long hours, but the head of the Capponi Group makes the difficult work for him and delicately carves out enough time to focus on professional initiatives, personal matters, and a charity foundation.

As anyone would expect, Michael Capponi is an early riser. After a morning that involves exercise and few quiet moments, the time to evaluate projects, listen to concerns, and handle any issues that may have crept up takes up the bulk of the day. However, the long day can be capped off with a black tie gala to launch a newly renovated property. Of course, there are a few moments available to send emails to check on foundations and interact with new clients. Generally, bed time comes shortly before one in the morning.

The great part about being a successful entrepreneur means that Capponi gets to relive the same day a few hours after bidding goodnight to the old one. Progress is the name of the game, and making headway and moving forward is what Capponi Construction Group is all about. The South Florida company has renovated or restored some of the most legendary properties in the area, which means the company is in demand and time is always a short commodity.

michael capponi

In the end, Capponi effortlessly navigates his way through a series of handshakes and questions. Like most people with serious vision, he puts everyone at ease with a simple smile. For many the typical day he experiences would be exhausting, but to do it time and time again would border on fatigue. However, that is what separates Capponi from the competition, the will to do more and do it better.

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